Should You Paint Over Wallpaper?

Should You Paint Over Wallpaper?

Do people still wallpaper? Yes, wallpapering is still going strong, particularly when you consider today’s modern choices. It’s a pretty inexpensive and relatively simple update. Additionally, a far cry from the farm animal borders and 80s florals of the past, today’s patterns are hip, trendy, and in tune with the times.

But what if your interior walls were wallpapered back in the dark ages and you don’t want to do the whole wallpapering project again? What if you’d rather throw some paint at the problem and call it a day? Can you (or should you) paint over wallpaper?

The following information will be helpful to people who want to…

  • Know if it’s okay to cover wallpaper with a new paint job.
  • Can’t or don’t want to tear down wallpaper but do want to redecorate a room.

That Burning Question – Can I Paint over Wallpaper?

The short answer here is yes, but before you start redecorating, there are any number of things that you must keep in mind. The state the wallpaper is in and the type of wallpaper you’re dealing with are the first things to think about.

Compared to others, certain types of wallpaper are more suitable for being covered over with paint. It may be better to tear everything down if the level of wear is extreme or the wallpaper type is not particularly conducive to being painted. Let’s look at some different types of wallpaper and how they deal with paint.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Where vinyl wallpaper is concerned, there are paintable types and standard types. They are different. If yours isn’t paintable, but rather standard, whatever color you pick will likely not stick well. Before you paint you may want to tear it all down. If that absolutely is not a possibility, however, before you paint over that wallpaper, you will need to prepare it and prime it.

Textured Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a smooth finish, it can be extremely tricky trying to paint over embossed or textured wallpaper. You can, however, paint over the existing wallpaper after applying a “skim coat” but, if you’re not a professional painter, this can be a difficult undertaking.

if you’re okay with adding a simple but fun look to your walls, without any smoothing preparation whatsoever, it is possible to paint over textured wallpaper.

When Is Painting Over Wallpaper Discouraged?

If you think that, someday, you may want to remove your wallpaper, it is inadvisable to paint over it. The process of painting over wallpaper makes it extremely hard to remove. That means that your future redecorating projects are going to take a lot more time, hard work, and possibly even more money. Especially if you want to sell your house in the future, you may want to reconsider whether or not to remove the wallpaper before embarking on a painting project.

Best Case Scenario – Hire Contact Sunbow Painters

If the above-stated situations sound hard and far too thought-provoking – not to mention time-consuming – we’ve got great news! Sunbow Painters is available to do that paint job for you, regardless of whether or not wallpaper is in the scenario. In a variety of painting situations, we are experienced and extremely versatile. Whether it’s painting your entire house/building or restoring old painted surfaces, we can get the job done right. Contact us today for more information.

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