The Calming Simplicity of White

The Calming Simplicity of White

A white room can feel like an oasis of simplicity, especially in our hectic lives. While color trends come and go, all-white is timeless. When you see a white space and have no idea the country, year, or era, it still looks relevant and modern. This is because white is universal. It’s forever.

White often appeals to designers for the ability to mix periods and styles, ranging from beachy to contemporary. With a white color palette, furniture, art, and accessories can complete almost any look.

Ultra-creamy white pairs well with traditional and classical wooden kitchen cabinets. White and stainless steel, brass, copper, and gold are all trending in home interiors and the look is warm and inviting. Metals reflectance is a great pairing with the crispness of white.

If you are thinking about an all-white palette, keep in mind that it is versatile, calming, and can brighten a room throughout the year.

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