Two Coats for Quality

Two Coats for Quality

Reputable paint contractors will use quality, professional-grade paint and apply two coats to provide a lasting and beautiful finish. The first coat of paint provides a solid base. The second coat provides a deeper and more saturated color. The second coat also adds more durability and provides better protection against wear-and-tear over time and against sunlight exposure (which could cause fading)

Go With a Pro

Even though you might be tempted to get it done quickly and cheaply, the recommended approach is to take your time, do research and select a reputable, local professional paint contractor. You will get what you pay for.

Painting is one of the most cost-effective and transforming projects for your home. However, it is also one that can look like an amateur did the job if proper care is not taken.

Opt for Quality

Two coats of finish paint will provide the best in color richness, durability, longevity, and environmental friendliness. Yes, two coats are a bit more expensive than just one coat in the short term. However, when you take into account all the benefits of a two-coat application, it’s easy to see that a two-coat application is in everyone’s best interest. And you will be happier with the finished product and save money over time.

Buy Local

We are a local, professional paint contractor. For 5-star service and quality, trust the pros at Sunbow Painters. Call 920-659-7515 or go to to request a free estimate.

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