Exterior Paint Tips To Help Exterior Sidings Look New For Longer

Exterior Paint Tips To Help Exterior Sidings Look New For Longer

How is the outside of your home or the building that houses your business looking these days? Few things in life beat the disappointment involved in seeing the outside of your home or building’s exterior paint job become faded and discolored from the sun and other detrimental events. You likely put a lot of time and money into that paint project. So, to see it deteriorate so quickly is, indeed, a letdown. Before you embark on your next exterior paint job, you could likely use a few exterior paint tips from the experts.

We’ve got just what you need, and then some.

With the following tricks of the trade, you can maintain a fresh looking exterior on your home or business building.

Exterior Paint Enemy Number One – Heat

On exterior walls that attract direct sunlight, colors that are geared toward yellow and blue are particularly susceptible to fading. Since, with increased temperature, direct sunlight usually goes hand in hand, the combination can also cause paint to chip and peel prematurely.

Types Of Exterior Paint That Are Fade Resistant

Though they will cost you a little bit more, fade resistant paints are definitely a worthwhile investment. That’s because you won’t be required to go through the whole process of repainting nearly as often as you would without fade resistant exterior paint. By combining a high-grade binder with quality pigments, fade resistant paints offer added protection and value for any home or building owner.

Over the course of their lifetime, your exterior walls will look better – and that’s good because it makes your effort and spending a worthwhile investment.

Stating the Obvious Regarding Quality

This should go without saying but we are going to touch on it anyway: It is generally inadvisable to use paints that lack color retention and are of low quality. A paint that is of poor quality can end up looking lackluster in less than one year, which will inevitably end up resulting in a new coat of paint being needed.

Truth be told, it could cost more financially and certainly be more time consuming if, as opposed to simply investing in high-quality primers and paints, you use paints that are cheap and inferior.

Let’s Talk about Pigments

Specifically, we’re going to take a look at organic pigments versus inorganic pigments. It would help to increase the lifespan of your paint if you cover your exteriors with a color such as beige or other inorganic pigments. Brighter color options are included in organic pigments and should be avoided. This is particularly true if you’re trying to keep your outside walls from fading because they are constantly barraged by UV rays.

When you need advice on paint colors, quality, type, and more, turn to the professionals at Sunbow Painters. Tired of always doing the painting by yourself? Not only are we knowledgeable where paint projects are concerned, we are highly capable of executing even the biggest paint jobs efficiently and expertly. Contact us today if you’d like more information.

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