Using Light And Dark Colors To Visually Enlarge A Room

Using Light And Dark Colors To Visually Enlarge A Room

It can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, choosing the right paint color. If you’ve got a small room, the job can seem even more burdensome. Many homeowners, and some business owners, have small rooms they would like to appear larger. Fortunately, by knowing the difference between the use of light and dark colors, this can be done with a coat of paint.

Colors and Paints

Many people already know that white and icy blue colors can give a wall the look of appearing further away than it actually is. But what if you’re not crazy about white and icy blue? Fortunately, if used properly, dark paints can accomplish the same thing. It’s got everything to do with giving depth to a scene, naturally, by using shadows.

Our focus is drawn and highlighted by the tricky element known as light. Dimension is generally created, and a space deepened by darkness. Of course, we are not suggesting that you paint a room black, but you can still use the trick of light playing off of objects to create depth and dimension with shadows.

Choose Your Color Scheme

Choosing your new color is the first step. Pick three colors that go well together, in lighter and darker shades for the best approach. First, choose your preferred color. A second color that is two shades darker will be needed next, followed by one that is two shades lighter for your third choice. To create the illusion of dimension and depth, this technique uses three different hues of the same paint color. By using this method, some walls will be drawn backward and some forward. One wall should be painted dark while the rest should be lighter.

Paint Molding, Doors, and Windows Using Light Colors

Walls and ceilings are not the only restrictions for light colors. There are many fixtures and elements usable for augmentation – i.e., moldings, doors, and windows. Compared to your walls, these can be painted in a lighter color.

A small room can be made to look bigger because the wall will appear further back when the moldings are light. Don’t automatically assume that you have to stick to white or cream for this effect, either.

Specific Colors For a Larger Room Appearance

Though painting a room completely white will make it look larger, you could end up with a sad white room with the classic “white box syndrome”. Who needs that? The following are colors that typically make a room look larger:

  • Cool gray
  • Dark navy
  • Blush pink
  • Light taupe
  • Soft black
  • And of course, stark white.

Note: The light in a room, and which direction it’s facing, can have everything to do with the effects of the color you choose. A professional will know this and can discuss your options accordingly.

Don’t Feel like Painting? Hire a Professional

Do you have a space that seems confining and claustrophobic? With a little bit of careful element control and color play, Sunbow Painters can play a major role in making the space feel more comfortable and help it look bigger.

We’ve got all the equipment necessary, so you won’t have to run to the hardware store. We use experienced, knowledgeable professionals who get the job done right. All you have to do is confer with our experts as to the color that works best for your room.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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