How Sunbow Painters Perform A High-Quality Paint Job For Ceilings

How Sunbow Painters Perform A High-Quality Paint Job For Ceilings

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to look up and think, “Ugh. I can’t stand that ceiling!” Maybe you’ve just grown tired of the color. maybe it’s one of those popcorn ceilings that used to be so popular but are now considered more of a pain than anything else. Regardless, you may or may not have the time, energy, or supplies with which to embark on such a project.

If it’s high time you looked into a paint job for ceilings, be they in your home or your place of business, you would be well advised to check out the services offered by Wisconsin-located Sunbow Painters.

Here’s why…

Sunbow Painters Knows the Ins and Outs, and Ups and Downs

It can be a huge undertaking, painting the ceilings in a house or business location. A lot of preparation can be involved as well as time and effort. Not everyone has that much free time on their hands. Even if you’ve got the time, you may not feel that you have the expertise… or the energy, for that matter. Particularly if you’re thinking about resurfacing your ceiling (changing from a popcorn or textured ceiling to a smooth surface), no one would blame you for not wanting to get involved with all the preparation required.

The following are some of the best reasons to leave the painting of your ceilings to the professionals at Sunbow Painters.

We’ll Know How Many Coats You Need

As paint dries, it tends to change – particularly when you take into account ceiling lights, sunlight, etc. We may know ahead of time how many coats the job is going to take. But once it dries, if a second coat is needed, we’re here for you.

We Use Proven Techniques

There is a right way to use a roller and a wrong way to roll paint on walls and ceilings. Equal pressure must be applied as you draw the roller to you. To prevent marks from appearing, some overlapping needs to be done with the wet paint. The trick is to take the time needed and use consistent, proper technique.

Our Professionals Use Quality Equipment

Rollers are easier to use and hold if the roller cages are lightweight. The health of your back can depend on the weight of a roller! We have all the supplies we need to paint your ceiling, whether the job requires a roller extender or a ladder. You won’t need to buy any supplies because we are fully equipped. We know that rougher surfaces require longer naps on rollers and will utilize the proper equipment for your particular situation.

We Use Protection

We are, of course, referring for the protection needed to keep your edges and floors free of paint while we’re painting your ceilings. Canvas or drop cloths and painter’s tape will be used to make sure that any wayward drips don’t find their way to surfaces other than your ceiling. This is an important step that is ignored by a lot of do-it-yourselfers. But we’ve found that, to do a job right, you need to take the time and use the right materials necessary for maximum protection.

Contact Sunbow Painters for Professional Painting Services

Painting a wall is one thing. But painting the ceiling can be incredibly hard work and particularly messy. Not everybody gets excited about painting, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or both. If your ceiling has seen better days and could use a fresh look, but you really don’t feel like embarking on a project such as that, we’ve got the perfect solution.

 Contact Sunbow Painters today to inquire about our colors, scheduling, and more.

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