How Long Will Your Exterior Paint Job Last?

How Long Will Your Exterior Paint Job Last?

When it comes to time, money, and your exterior paint job – they are all closely related. It can take a lot of money and time to assure a well done, high-quality exterior paint job. Before you have to start the process of painting the outside of your home or building in question all over again, you might be questioning how long your efforts will last? With so many resources going into an outside paint job, it would be nice for it to last as long as possible.

There are any number of factors which go into the equation that determines how long a finished paint job will last. Did you use dark paint? If so, compared to lighter colors, dark paints fade quicker. That means the lifespan of your paint job may be significantly shortened by using dark paint.

What else goes into determining how long a finished paint project will last?

The Lifespan of Your Exterior Paint

Another factor in determining how long paint will last on the exterior of your home or building is the area being painted. If the area is exposed to a lot of wear or sunlight, the paint might not survive for the extent of time as it would in an area that is shaded or one that is untouched. For the job at hand – such as one that will be exposed to wear and sunlight – it’s essential that the right paint is chosen. Better able to stand up to wear, stains, and touching are high-gloss paints. Additionally, the quality of paint plays a major role in longevity.

Paints That Are High in Quality

For a longer-lasting paint job, higher quality paints just can’t be beaten. Consequences will likely be suffered, regarding your paint’s longevity, if you use cheaper, lower quality paints with which to cut corners. Though when embarking upon any project, you should always invest in and utilize the best tools possible, this particularly applies to painting.

Life Expectancy of Exterior Paint

So, what’s the bottom line when it comes to exterior paint jobs and their longevity? If, for every painting project, you are completely familiar with the limitations and keep them in mind, and if you execute all required steps correctly, a typical exterior paint job could last as much as 10 years. It is important, however, to have professionals assist in your endeavor to see the best longevity results.

A Painting Professional At Your Service

At Wisconsin-located Sunbow Painters, we pride ourselves in being able to fulfill the painting needs of our customers, whether they’re looking for commercial painting, residential exterior painting, or residential interior painting. We have a vast array of colors from which to choose and can’t wait to assist in “styling up your space” with a fresh paint job.

You see, by starting our company in 2016, we strove to fill the demand for a new home services industry level of customer service. Through serving the public and sharing our passion for design, we have been instrumental in assisting neighbors, family, friends, and the general public in making the most of the paintable surfaces in their homes and business locations. We’ve redefined the home and business owner painting experience!

To find out how we can help you express your unique style and personality through paint, contact us today.

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